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Back in the Shop

Wilbur and Orville Wright tinkered. At their bicycle shop on Third Street, they built wind tunnels and tested fabrics. Wilbur studied birds incessantly. They wintered on coastal sand dunes in North Carolina, testing the wind and living in a shed they built by hand. Meanwhile, the Washington Post declared, “It is a fact that man can’t fly.” 

On Purpose (book summary)

Leaders feel stuck. They are tired of the same lingering and pesky questions: Why am I

here? Is this what am I supposed to be doing? What should I do next? Is this it?

Most people aren’t devoid of purpose, but they also are not clear or confident about their



The Change Inventory

If your health is failing, you can run a series of diagnostic tests to see what’s happening. Before your health fails you can run the same tests to see what might go wrong.

Healthy change requires five ingredients, preferably done in sequence. None will surprise you. You might quickly point to one that was missing in the last change you experienced.

On Purpose Self-Reflection

Our purpose is simply the combination of three ingredients: our season of life, our

expertise, and our passion. 


At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Every week I join Pat and the team to discuss organizational health. I'm also on the bi-weekly podcast about Pat's newest model called The Working Genius podcast.

The Three Words Podcast

I was the first (and now a regular) guest on the Three Words Podcast, with Dr. Michael Brown (the co-host of the upcoming Discovery XP retreat).

Get Wise Podcast

I was the first guest on this podcast hosted by my good friend Richard Fagerlin.

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